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All fabrics are pre washed for shrinkage and colour fastness, most of the fabrics I use are 100% cotton but  I also use linen and silk.

Finished items are washed machine washed at 30c or by hand , so you can wash them with confidence .

NOTE:-  I do use colour catchers, especial with strong colours.

My sewing machines are simple mechanical machines, I do not  use computerized  machines or long arm quilters, my quilts are made the old fashion way.

Patchwork piecing and cutting are done in the traditional American style, but I use a bigger seam allowance .

Appliqué is also done in the traditional way, each piece of fabric is hand cut, then folded and tacked to a shaped interlining. Before being applied to the quilted item either by hand or by machine.

I use three different types of batting (wadding) each gives a different effect or property to the finished item

  1. Cotton  ….. very traditional flat batting …. cool in summer

  2. Polyester….a soft fluffy batting…. gives more depth  to a quilt…….warm

  3. Man made….a flat quilt batting….good thermal properties …..excellent  for table ware.

NOTE;- These are our studio names for batting and may not represent there true fibber content.

ME.. I have been a seamstress and cutter for over 40 years, in my long career I have made every thing from wedding dress to boat covers and an awful lot of curtains and furnishings .  My hobbies are fine art and design , I have also illustrated the odd book.

So now I have combined theses two crafts to form Lilliput Quilts where I am able to unleash the creative side of me , into designing these quilts. My practical side and years of experience means,that these well made quilts should last a lifetime.

Lynn Fiona Ellison



Inside story